Feb 28, 2018 bcrfauser01

Do you serve BC food and beverages on your menu? Do you make buying decisions that support local farmers, producers and processors? Are you proud to share your passion about local food and beverages with your guests?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, Buy BC: EAT DRINK LOCAL offers an opportunity for your business, and joining is easy!

Customers today want to share the values of the businesses they support. At Buy BC: EAT DRINK LOCAL, we want to help you share your passion for BC with customers, influencers and the media. Showcasing BC on your menu is a stand-out detail that you should be proud to share, and BCRFA’s goal is to provide you with additional tools to build your profile and attract more like-minded customers. Participating in Buy BC: EAT DRINK LOCAL will also create excitement and challenge your kitchen team. It’s a great way to get your staff enthusiastic and engaged in creating a bold customer experience.

Buy BC: EAT DRINK LOCAL promotes venues which make the effort to source and sell BC food and beverages and hero these products and suppliers on their menus and shelves. All styles of restaurants are welcome to participate, as long as locally-inspired foods and microbrews, great wines, or cocktails to match are offered. Our mission is to promote dining in local restaurants, to provide diners with a unique local flavor and to raise awareness of restaurant leaders in local food around the province.

Buy BC: EAT DRINK LOCAL aims to attract visitors hungry for new culinary tourism experiences, and eager to seek out the stories behind province’s great food and beverages., Buy BC: EAT DRINK LOCAL is also a community resource dedicated to helping diners find high-quality, unique eating experiences that highlight local ingredients on a fresh sheet for the month of May and on their menus year-round. Starting in May, restaurants will be coming together to increase the visibility and leadership of locally-focused restaurants. Through BC ingredients and beverages, chefs and cooks will showcase their creativity and style for British Columbian’s dining pleasure.

>> Joining the Buy BC: EAT DRINK LOCAL community will identify your venue to local consumers and tourists who are hungry to support and taste BC’s amazing food.

With a world of flavours to inspire us – and premium BC foods and beverages to work with – make the decision to Buy BC: EAT DRINK LOCAL as part of your promotional plan this year.