Eat, Drink and Buy Local: Catapulting BC onto the World Culinary Stage

Nov 07, 2017 bcrfauser01

A growing contingent of celebrated chefs, mixologists, and craft connoisseurs are creating new restaurant concepts that thrive by using food and beverages that are grown, harvested, fished, picked and produced right here in British Columbia. Don’t get us wrong — British Columbians still love their mangoes, lobsters and limes among other things — but a scene is growing that is built on hand-crafted, slow food with an emphasis on locally-sourced ingredients. With local food and beverage, freshness and quality are always front of mind.

Our British Columbian customers are casual diners who love to eat out. They are eating out more every year. With BC food and beverage on the menu, there is literally something for every taste and every season and we want to promote what you are doing as part of this movement as part of our ongoing promotion efforts.

If your restaurant is preparing meals with the freshest local ingredients and changing it up by the season, let us know! We want you to be part of our Buy BC: Eat Drink Local promotion.

Please reach out to Swin or Linda at 604.669.2239 or email us with your photos and menu features so that we can connect with you on Social!