British Columbia Restaurants and Foodservices Association (BCRFA) has partnered with the Government of El Salvador in a unique program to provide quality, trained and certified restaurant Temporary Foreign Workers to British Columbia.

The program:
In order to lift the burden of labour shortage in BC Restaurants, the BCRFA and the Government of El Salvador have developed a bilateral Temporary Foreign Worker Program (TFWP). This is a first of its kind program in Canada. It will pair recent Salvadoran culinary school graduates with top employers in British Columbia’s restaurant industry to fill junior kitchen positions and other semi-skilled job roles. The primary purpose of this program is to fill the labour shortage or skills gap in the Canadian Labour Market. By combining the needs of both regions, the new partnership will create mutual benefit, skills development and a stronger hospitality sector for BC.

In August 2018, Ian Tostenson, CEO of the BCRFA, at the invitation of the Salvadoran Government and San Salvador University travelled to El Salvador with the Hon. Consul for El Salvador, Mr. Jeffrey Moore and Tap & Barrel owner Daniel Frankel. The purpose of the trip was to tour the University and 3 more certified Culinary Schools to assess their training and suitability for our market under a tailored Temporary Foreign Worker Program.

The Canadian Ambassador in El Salvador and The El Salvador Ambassador in Ottawa attended the meetings. We were overwhelmed at the quality of training and students. Their dedication, skills and professionalism were outstanding. The last day of the trip included a joint meeting with the two Ambassadors, the El Salvador Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs, the Minister of Employment and Social Development, the University of San Salvador, the International Organization of Migration (affiliated with the United Nations) and several other government officials. The purpose was to establish the standards and expectations of sourcing trained Salvadoran workers and all respective responsibilities.

Returning to Canada, the BCRFA and the Hon. Consul of El Salvador briefed both the Federal Government and the BC Government of this unique ‘National Government to Association’ program and how we will recruit into well-established operating restaurants that have high standards with respect to their operating disciplines and HR programs. Both levels of Government found this approach refreshing and they appreciated our program setting high standards. The partnership is designed to include extensive vetting of both workers and workplaces to create a climate for success and protecting workers and benefiting employers with the goal of reducing the timeline to access workers.Following our trip, the resources in El Salvador are preparing lists of qualified candidates willing and able to come to BC once the hiring process begins. Currently, there are 2,000 qualified workers available.

How to Apply:
The BCRFA has partnered with a highly experienced hospitality foreign worker recruiter and Regulated Immigration Consultant, Brij Rathi to guide and manage the extensive application process of Temporary Foreign Workers Program.

As recent graduates, the Salvadoran workers will come to Canada as semi-skilled Foreign National (FN) workers and will initially be eligible for 1-year work visas. However, at 9 months, most applicants will apply for Landed Immigrant Status, which will be applied for through the BC Provincial Nominee Program. The result is that you will have the worker for at least 25 months.

The full cost of this program through the BCRFA will be $3500 plus tax, which includes one-way airfare from San Salvador to Vancouver for the worker. This cost is competitive and the services are all encompassing requiring little effort on the part of the business owner. As well as the airfare, this fee includes the $1000 LMIA application fee to the Federal Government as well as the cost of visa, advertising, biometric test and administration.

Employer: Contacts Brij Rathi, Foreign Worker Recruiter & Immigration Consultant
Direct number: 780-953-9090
Web: www.brijirathi.com

Brij will work with you to craft a personalized program for your recruitment needs – including program comparisons and access to other international recruitment programs.

Next, Brij will complete and navigate on your behalf, all the requirements of the Temporary Foreign Worker application process. Once completed, including interviews (primarily on Skype), it will take approximately 6 months to complete the process. Brij’s services in concert with the BCRFA will assist you in providing a smooth and welcoming transition to Canada for the worker.

For further information please contact:
Ian Tostenson President/CEO British Columbia Restaurant Association
Cell: 604-986-1429