Kater Valentine Promotion

Feb 04, 2017 bcrfauser01

katerlogoThe BCRFA is excited to partner with local company Kater to stamp out drinking and driving in the Uber-less Greater Vancouver and Fraser Valley.

Kater is an app that connects individuals to quality, pre-screened and peer-reviewed, independent personal drivers which can be booked through the app itself. Users can enjoy the perks of having their own personal chauffeur while visiting the hottest spots around town in the comfort of their own car, where a wardrobe change, spare coat or gifts can be waiting for them.

Parking is the responsibility of the driver, so your customers can arrive on time for their reservation, enjoy that bottle of wine or extra cocktail and never need to wait for a cab.

For Valentine’s Day, Kater is offering a special promotion, providing chocolates and roses that will be waiting for the passengers when their driver arrives to make the night extra special (and extra Instagram-worthy!). Patrons can use the promo code DateNight for bookings from February 14-18 to receive the special treats!

We would love to provide you with the opportunity to co-market with Kater for Valentines day, please contact Brittany Whitmore (Brittany@exvera.com) ASAP to have your brand be part of the campaign. Your commitment is minimal and the value-add will give your customers an extra special Valentine’s Day.