Kitchen Makeover: Becoming Better Employers

Nov 15, 2017 bcrfauser01

A recent edition of The Globe and Mail posted a great article that we want to share with all our members. Follow the link to read the article here.

With operators across the province challenged by a shortage of chefs and cooks, this may just be the golden key to our ongoing staffing issues. Making time for employees to lead healthy lives – time for exercise, time for family and friends, time for their children makes for happier and healthier employees.

We’re no convinced anyone ever really liked working 14 straight hours, but they did it (and we did it) because jobs were scarce and someone else would do it. Times have changed. Now there are more
good jobs than there are good people. Employers have to be innovative to compete for the shrinking pool of workers.

To be competitive for the best employees, employers are offering more regular hours of work, regular days off, predictable schedules and flexible schedules to allow employees to have a life – work balance. Some employers are offering benefits; medical and dental benefits can be made available at low cost. If that isn’t in the budget, how about rewarding employees with a season pass to a local gym, a company cellphone or the opportunity to host their friends/family for dinner once a month at a discount.

Making sure your employees are able to lead a healthy and balanced life is good for them and good for your business. One of the most frequent complaints we hear from young people is they don’t want to work long hours in environments where people are stressed out, angry and shouting. They want to work in more happy atmospheres.

There will always be a level of stress in busy kitchens. If employees have regular time off, are leading healthy lives, getting sufficient sleep and exercise and spending time with the people they care for, your employees will be able to handle stress better and even contribute to a calmer and more controlled work environment.

Kitchens are actually a great fit for Next Gen employees. We value creativity, entrepreneurship, contribution, engagement, teamwork and building great meals and great experiences together. If we change how we position careers in kitchens, we are poised for success!

Check out The Globe and Mail piece and don’t forget to send us your thoughts.