Labour Shortage Study

Jul 05, 2017 bcrfauser01

Vancouver’s recent rise in the labour market shortage within the restaurant industry has brought on serious challenges to local businesses. The difficulties recruiting for all restaurant positions – skilled and unskilled, part- and full-time labour – is becoming a significant issue for operations of all sizes – from small single unit operators to large chains with units in cities across the province. With industry studies by go2HR predicting the lack of qualified labour for the foreseeable future coupled with a low unemployment rate, we are faced with a crisis of significant barriers to hiring qualified candidates and fulfilling employment requirements in BC restaurants. At the BC Restaurant and Foodservices Association, we are determined to be a leader in providing real solutions.

Our Labour Shortage Study plans to tackle these prominent concerns by integrating studies on the labour market and strategies to resolve the impending rise of imbalance between demand and supply for our employers in the Vancouver area. BCRFA will conduct industry research in collaboration with WorkSafe BC service providers and our Advisory Committee—comprised of industry operations leaders and operators. We will work together to resolve these issues by strategic analysis of recruiting strategies, job vacancies and target employment groups for individual businesses.

The B.C Restaurant and Foodservices Association is determined to provide a reform for the imminent challenges ahead and to provide the best industry environment for our employers and workers combined.  Our HR Advisor Gillian McGregor is handling issues in recruitment and retention for operators every day – if you need her advice, please let us know. She is an invaluable resource for members facing labour challenges. If you want to be part of our study or get more information on how we can help, please reach out by email at chelsea@bcrfa.com  or by phone at 604.669.2239.