Share your concerns about $15 minimum wage

Nov 16, 2017 bcrfauser01

Fair Wage Commission: Be part of the discussion

Your BCRFA team is actively advocating on behalf of members around the question of minimum wage increases. Acting on an NDP campaign promise to raise minimum wage in BC to $15 per hour, the BC government took its first step in that direction by establishing the Fair Wage Commission in October.

We need your help to ensure the Commission hears our concerns loudly and clearly. Please consider signing up to present at one of the Commission’s Regional Meetings or sending your thoughts directly to the Commission at FWC@gov.bc.ca.

Ian Tostenson, President and CEO, will be appearing before the Commission in Vancouver on November 23rd. On behalf of members, the BCRFA will also be submitting a detailed report outlining:

– the economic impact of minimum wage increases on your businesses
– the importance of maintaining the liquor-server differential, and
– the need to take politics out of minimum wage by establishing stable, predictable, and transparent wage rates for the future.

The Commission has three tasks:

1. Develop recommendations for a pathway forward to raise the minimum wage to $15-an-hour and on a process for how the minimum wage should be regularly reviewed and increased once $15-an-hour is achieved.
2. Make recommendations about other wage rates under the Employment Standards Regulation, such as for liquor servers, agricultural workers, live-in caregivers, resident caretakers, and live-in camp leaders.
3. Advise Government on ways to begin to address the discrepancy between the minimum wage and living wages in our province (living wage is currently calculated to be $20.62 per hour in BC).

If you need additional information to support prior to contacting the Commission, please email Ian or call him at 604.986.1429.