Tackling Labour Shortage – REPORT AVAILABLE

Jul 05, 2018 bcrfauser01

The BCRFA’S Metro Vancouver Restaurant Labour Shortage Report & Recommendations is now available electronically and in hard copy.

Through the Employment Program of BC, BCRFA staff conducted interviews and research designed to analyze the employment and skills gap that is impacting employment levels in Metro Vancouver restaurants. Though it focuses on the Vancouver area, it also offers short and long-term recommendations and best practice relevant for restaurants province-wide.

We hope this report will provide value to all of our members. In the report you will find detailed tactics for operators facing immediate concerns, as well as suggested industry-wide changes as part of a long-term strategy. We hope you will make use of this report. Don’t hesitate to share your feedback.

If you want a hard copy mailed to you, please email us and send us your mailing address.