Trends in Human Resource Management

Dec 22, 2017 bcrfauser01

2017 was the year the labour shortage caused challenges for many of us.  The BCRFA introduced the Insp!red Restaurant pilot program designed to help operators compete for the qualified kitchen workers.  Among highlights of the program, money saving advice is offered by our partners – money that can translate into the ability to pay better wages.  Information about Insp!red Restaurants is on our website.

A Guide to Trends in Human Resource Management

Best wishes for a happy and profitable New Year from all of us at BCRFA, Morneau Shepell has created, for our industry, a groundbreaking benefit plan that provides coverage for part-time workers.  We believe offering benefits to part-time workers will empower people with young children and older people re-enter the work force.  For more information, contact the BCRFA.

Our industry is resilient.  Eating in a restaurant is a growing part of everyone’s daily routine – from coffee and a pastry to lunch soup to a fabulous evening meal.  This means we will not just survive, but thrive.  2017 was a challenge, but as an industry, we met the challenge and are moving ahead.  2018 will place more customers in our seats.  Tourists will continue to flock here to eat our fresh and local food.  Let’s set ourselves up to be even more successful in the New Year.  Don’t hesitate to reach out to us to help guide you with your human resources challenges and policies.  We’re here to help!

Sexual harassment was big in the news.  Sadly, sexual harassment by bosses,  customers and co-workers has been a concern in our industry too.  Several celebrity chefs have been disgraced as a result of their past behaviour.  The start of a new year is an excellent time to review your anti-sexual harassment and bullying policies with your employees.   You don’t want to lose valuable employees because someone is harassing or bulling them.  If you don’t have a policy, contact the BCRFA and ask Gillian to help you create a solid policy.

The BCRFA believes all people should have adequate income, and that includes people who own and operate their own small businesses.  The BC Government is listening to our position.  The minimum wage will go up – that is inevitable.  We are asking, on behalf of our industry that if not go up so quickly that it causes financial hardship for our industry.

Where have you been? Where are we going?

Workers in 2018 will want more predictable and regular hours, so they can earn a living and live their lives.  A trend in 2018 will be considering employees’ work life balance when writing up schedules.  Employers who consider their employees’ mental and physical well-being will attract and retain strong employees.  Happy and healthy employees, engaged and enthusiastic about their jobs is the goal many employers will be reaching for.