Dine Around 2017, you amazed me.

From the very inception of this year’s program, the energy surrounding Dine Around 2017 has been palpable.  We made a lot of changes to the program with high hopes that it would be our biggest and best one yet, and what resulted has left me humbled.  With all of the restaurants in Dine Around being present at the Launch, amazing participation by the BC Craft Brewers and BC VQA wineries, a fantastically fun band and so, so many guest in attendance we really started things off with a bang.  The energy in the room at the Launch was truly invigorating, and it was such a pleasure to see the Chefs, breweries and wineries working together in real-life synergy. And then the actual dining program began.  I don’t have all of the statistics in at the time of writing this, but at this point we know that the number of diners out enjoying themselves this year leaves last years totals in the dust.  Usage tracked by Open Table shows that the increase in diners is up 243% over 2016, and that is only based on the 23 restaurants that use Open Table as their reservations system. The feedback I’ve had from restaurants so far is overwhelmingly positive, and indicative that they were far busier than not only last year, but than any year in recent memory!


The Dine Around Committee regards Dine Around as a waking up of the season, when we shake the dust of January off and prime ourselves to greet the busy season.  This year, things were already starting to roll and Dine Around kicked it into high gear.  Despite having snow all the way into March, we resisted the urge to hibernate and instead came out in full force to cozy up with hot meals at our favorite restaurants.


A million thank yous to all those who made this year such a resounding success: the Chefs and their culinary teams, the service teams, the brewers, winemakers, diners and everyone in between.  Everyone who interacted with Dine Around on social media, who checked in to their restaurants, who shared their experiences with the community.  And all those who ventured out and tried something new, something beloved, or just didn’t feel like cooking.  Thank you for once again injecting your energy and support into Dine Around and making it spectacular!