BCRFA Newsletter – November 2015 – Business Update
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BCRFA Opinion

The market in BC although showing continued solid trends in sales, continues to be a challenging market for business operators. In addition, changes to the way liquor is sold in BC has created deep divisions within industry particularly around the sale of wine in grocery stores, BCLDB Sunday openings and municipal regulations potentially restricting retail growth in sales of alcohol. Our sole focus on liquor issues is the health of all license holders-food and liquor primary together. That focus has market appeal and as a result we are experiencing growth from liquor primary operators joining us as they see that there is little difference between food and liquor primary operations when it comes to regulation on liquor. We welcome this and will continue to represent the broader industry in matters of reducing red tape, negotiating hospitality wholesale pricing and buying from the private sector.
Outside of license issues, we will continue to negotiate and work with government agencies for fairness and common sense regulation in areas of business licensing, health regulations, organic waste and solid and liquid waste issues. We will continue to positively represent our industry to the public that we serve and to whom we rely on for business growth.

BC Industry sales statistics

The Canadian economy is performing below expectations (economic growth of 1.2%). The federal government is also forecasting a 2016/2017 deficit of over 3 billion dollars in part due to the weak commodities market. On the other hand, BC will lead Canada in forecasted economic growth of over 2%. This combined with a balanced  provincial budget, a lower Canadian dollar fuelling tourism and industry innovation will help grow our industry sales.

BC Restaurant and bar sales for the quarter June-August 2015, unadjusted compared to last year (stats Canada):

Full Service +5%
Limited Service +3%
Drinking Places +2%

Other Industry facts

  • Each day there are 2.7 million visits to a restaurant or food provider in British Columbia.
  • More than 500 new restaurants open per year in B.C.
  • One in five British Columbians aged 15-24 are employed in the restaurant and food services industry.
  • The BC Industry employs over 170,000 people in almost 12,000 restaurants generating 10 Billion in revenue.

Casual Dining in Vancouver, a growing trend

On The Coast’s Urban Foodie Anya Levykh says the coming holiday season means an onslaught of new restaurants opening over the next few months. And she says the word this season for the new restaurants is: casual.
“We’ve talked a lot about the casual trend and that is definitely not letting up anytime soon,” Levykh told On The Coast’s Gloria Macarenko. “Certainly, more new restaurants are embracing a fairly casual aesthetic and manner. We’re not seeing a lot of heavy linen and tableside service these days, but that doesn’t mean that higher end restaurants are out.”


Carl’s Jr plan significant  Metro Vancouver Expansion


Wholesale Liquor Pricing for Hospitality

We meet two weeks with both John Yapp and Doug Scott GM-LCLB. John has been asked by Minister Coralee Oakes to undertake a review of pricing for hospitality (licensees). We discussed two points-wholesale pricing and the ability to purchase from the private sector. (The latter being recently legislated in Saskatchewan). We have been asked to follow up with a formal presentation on how wholesale pricing and private sector buying can be accomplished in BC given the government’s revenue neutrality standard. Other organizations, notably Restaurants Canada, ABLE, and the BC Wine Institute are similarly aligned on the issue. We believe this will become reality in 2016. We will update accordingly.

Red Tape Reduction

Minister Coralee Oakes (Minister of Small Business, Red-Tape Reduction and Liquor) has undertaken the following review….
In a continued effort to reduce red tape in BC, on October 22nd, the government launched the Reducing Red Tape for British Columbians public engagement site. The purpose of the website is to “allow British Columbians to share stories and ideas about how the BC government can save time and provide easier access to services.”

The BC government is collecting online comments and emails during a 6 week period between October 22nd and December 3rd at 4:00 pm. During this time, you are encouraged to post comments and thoughts on the services, processes, policies, and rules that affect you.

Please input your thoughts. The BCRFA has submitted several recommendations thus far.
BC Restaurant Regulations Made Simple

This valuable resource was produced In partnership with the Provincial Government-Small Business Ministry. There is also a web site we launched with government to help new restaurants to open. Please contact us should you wish a hard copy.

On Line Guide to Opening a Restaurant

This on-line resource is a very detailed guide to all the things critical to opening and operating your restaurant.

Rising Tide Consultants Liquor Licensing Policy and Procedure Manual

This customized liquor policy and procedures manual is a must. It deals with all operational and legal issues associated with serving liquor. By having strict policies in place will help you with the defence of due diligence and potentially save you considerable costs. Please read the article below from Andrew Gay LLP on due diligence.
Call Rising Tide at 604-669-2928 for special BCRFA pricing on this manual.

BCRFA and The Nanaimo Chamber of  Commerce

In a move being applauded by the business community at large, the BCRFA and the Nanaimo Chamber of Commerce have an agreement that will see a single membership that covers both the Chamber and BCRFA. There will be a significant cost savings for the membership, increased vendor offerings and wider representation for business at a local and provincial level. As well, the Chamber will be heading up the spring dining out program with the BCRFA.

Metro Vancouver-Grease Traps

We have been working with Metro Vancouver over the issue of grease traps. There is a bylaw that is being applied retroactively that is causing some significant cost issues for our members. We are working with Metro to find a solution that is practical, cost effective an within Metro’s mandate. We will provide updates as necessary. If you have any comments, please email info@bcrfa.com

BC Employment Standards made Simple-GO2 HR webinar

November 24th from 10am-11:00 am
please register at ahinck@go2hr.ca
cost $49. Moderator: Gillian McGregor

NPD Webinar-Digital Influence at foodservice
November 26-10am-complimentary
register at  http://tinyurl.com/nju47fn
Columbia Shuswap Regional District
The Regional District is developing an organic waste diversion bylaw. We are working with them to ensure this does not provide any operational or cost burdens on our industry. Our experience in Metro Vancouver shows that if done correctly, there can be cost savings for a restaurant. Please provide direct input to tostenson@bcrfa.com or you can review their document at http://www.csrd.bc.ca/node/1176

 Emerging BCRFA Issues:

  • Vibrio BC Shellfish
  • Labour shortages
  • Municipal Regulation streamlining
  • Organic Waste
  • Food Truck Policy
  • Egg Pooling
  • Menu Labelling

Dining Events

Okanagan Wine and Dine January 21-February ,7 2016
Dine Around Stay in Town Victoria February 19-March 6, 2016
Dine Around Nanaimo February 19-March 6, 2016
register at www.bcrfa.com

BCRFA Board of Directors
The  BCRFA Board welcomes Chef Bernard Casavant as Okanagan Branch Chair. chefbernard@okanagan.bc.ca

Membership in the BCRFA

Please contact our office for membership information at 604-669-2239 or info@bcrfa.com. BCRFA members are more informed and generally more profitable as a result of their membership (cost savings, information and marketing/dining programs). Membership prices range from $295-$345 dollars per year. The BCRFA is home to over 3,000 restaurants and suppliers and has an expanded network of industry professionals on its board and in regions throughout BC.

Thank you to our partners for supporting our industry.