Ten Ways to Motivate Employees
Jan 19, 2018 bcrfauser01

As a follow up to our session on tackling the labour shortage this week, we’re going to bring a series of articles that work with our tactics for recruiting and retaining employees.

Ten ways to Motivate Employees

  1. Appreciate the work they do. Every person, from the dishwasher to the chef is important to your success. Be sure you tell employees, regularly, how important their work is and how much you appreciate they come to do it.
  2. If you can promote your employees upwards in your restaurant, do it. Make sure the process you use to decide who receives training and promotion is transparent an accessible to anyone who wants to move up.
  3. Have perks on offer… bus passes, spa treatments, free parking, family and friends discounts. Make it very clear how to qualify for the perks and make sure everyone can earn them, no matter what their job.
  4. Friendly competitions – who can sell the most 3 course meals; who got the most meals plated, who washed the most dishes, who bussed the most tables… A gift card to Amazon or dinner on the house on the employee’s next night off are fun rewards.
  5. If there are issues or problems – get input from your employees. For example, how do we deal with people who fail to arrive for reservations, how should be schedule for Christmas when everyone wants to be with family, what is the fairest way to schedule summer vacations.
  6. Provide employees with a decent place to take a break. A comfortable chair, free soft drinks etc. No one should have to hide out in the bathroom or huddle in an alley. Restaurant work is hard on the body. Tell employees you care by making sure they get their breaks, get a bite to eat and a cold drink so they can tackle the next hours refreshed.
  7. Promote camaraderie by encouraging people to help each other. Employees all need a hand when they’re in the weeds, the table is too big for one to handle, the line up at the door is getting restless. Foster an environment where people aren’t ashamed to ask for help and co workers are happy to give it.
  8. Promote fun – let staff dress up for Halloween, wear ugly Christmas sweaters, encourage and provide birthday cakes for employees. Have an afternoon when people can bring in their children for ice cream. Have celebrations for important events like a graduation, citizenship ceremony, babies born and marriages made.
  9. Everyone knows the company goal is to make money off serving food and drink to guests. There are other goals too: to showcase the best of BC products, to be super hosts to tourists, to be praised on social media as a good place to eat, to give guests a memorable evening, to make friends with regulars… All of these are the goals of a good restaurateur. Make sure you share these goals with your employees as often as you can. You opened a restaurant because you love to feed people. Remember this.
  10. Lead by example. If all your staff is run off their feet, go clean the toilet yourself, pitch in, help out! Don’t be the owner who swans in at 9 p.m. with her entourage expecting dinner and service. Be the owner who gets in and rolls up her sleeves to help the dishwasher.