Can we help you with your Labour Shortage?
Feb 28, 2018 bcrfauser01

After 6 months of primary research and 3 months of reviewing and understanding our findings, BCRFA is pleased to be sharing the results of our Labour Market Study on the Labour Shortage in Vancouver Area restaurants with our members.

We know that the shortage is really hitting operators in Vancouver hard and we are determined to find ways not only to understand the shortage – but to give operators real solutions that they can apply in their businesses starting tomorrow.

The BC Restaurant and Foodservices Association (BCRFA) received funding from the Employment Program of BC to complete this research. We are so thankful for their support as this work is essential to operators in our region. We thank everyone who invited us into their business, who participated in online surveys and who attended our industry feedback session in January. We couldn’t have done it without you.

The research was consultative, and our findings are the result of outreach to industry professionals over a range of platforms. By first identifying the issues, our report to the restaurant industry examines possible solutions and best practices. For operators facing immediate needs, our report goes into detailed tactics for operators and puts forward industry wide changes that must be considered as part of a long-term strategy.

We hope you will take time to read the report. If you have any questions or feedback, please share them with us. 604.669.2239 or email us – we want to hear from you!

Feb 28, 2018 bcrfauser01

Do you serve BC food and beverages on your menu? Do you make buying decisions that support local farmers, producers and processors? Are you proud to share your passion about local food and beverages with your guests?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, Buy BC: EAT DRINK LOCAL offers an opportunity for your business, and joining is easy!

Customers today want to share the values of the businesses they support. At Buy BC: EAT DRINK LOCAL, we want to help you share your passion for BC with customers, influencers and the media. Showcasing BC on your menu is a stand-out detail that you should be proud to share, and BCRFA’s goal is to provide you with additional tools to build your profile and attract more like-minded customers. Participating in Buy BC: EAT DRINK LOCAL will also create excitement and challenge your kitchen team. It’s a great way to get your staff enthusiastic and engaged in creating a bold customer experience.

Buy BC: EAT DRINK LOCAL promotes venues which make the effort to source and sell BC food and beverages and hero these products and suppliers on their menus and shelves. All styles of restaurants are welcome to participate, as long as locally-inspired foods and microbrews, great wines, or cocktails to match are offered. Our mission is to promote dining in local restaurants, to provide diners with a unique local flavor and to raise awareness of restaurant leaders in local food around the province.

Buy BC: EAT DRINK LOCAL aims to attract visitors hungry for new culinary tourism experiences, and eager to seek out the stories behind province’s great food and beverages., Buy BC: EAT DRINK LOCAL is also a community resource dedicated to helping diners find high-quality, unique eating experiences that highlight local ingredients on a fresh sheet for the month of May and on their menus year-round. Starting in May, restaurants will be coming together to increase the visibility and leadership of locally-focused restaurants. Through BC ingredients and beverages, chefs and cooks will showcase their creativity and style for British Columbian’s dining pleasure.

>> Joining the Buy BC: EAT DRINK LOCAL community will identify your venue to local consumers and tourists who are hungry to support and taste BC’s amazing food.

With a world of flavours to inspire us – and premium BC foods and beverages to work with – make the decision to Buy BC: EAT DRINK LOCAL as part of your promotional plan this year.


Farm Friends: Celebrating BC Wine + Alberta Food @ Edible Canada
Feb 23, 2018 bcrfauser01

The food and wine community turned out in support of Edible Canada’s ‘Farm Friends: Celebrating BC Wine & Alberta Food’ event on 22 February.

The stand-up grazing event featured several Okanagan wineries and dishes showcasing Alberta foods such as beef and bison. It was a very well-attended, with a number of guests from the BC wine industry enjoying the tasting.

Participating wineries included popular BC offerings 50th Parallel Estate Winery, Culmina Family Estate Winery, Haywire, Liquidity, Painted Rock Estate Winery, Poplar Grove Winery, Summerhill Pyramid Winery and the Dames Wine project.

British Columbia Restaurant and Foodservices Association president and CEO Ian Tostensen said he was pleased to attend: “BC wine is very important to BC restaurants and we are glad to be able to come out and support this important event.

“We have no beef with Alberta – in fact, we encourage our restaurant members to support great Canadian products on their menus year round. Alberta is just next door – and their beef is top notch.”

Mr. Tostensen said the event helped highlight just how great BC’s wines – and chefs – are.

“With our upcoming promotion Buy BC: Eat Drink Local, we’re going to be encouraging restaurants to pair local food with BC wines, beers and spirits. It’s about being local and about showcasing the best we have to offer to our customers.”

The event theme was typical of hosts Edible Canada, who are champions of Canada’s cuisine – showcasing local produce and celebrating Canadian food culture. Their focus is collaboration and sustainability, sharing food that is local, seasonal, sustainable and uniquely Canadian.

Farm Friends: Celebrating BC Wine and Alberta Food raised money for the BC Hospitality Foundation through a silent auction.

Canada Revenue Agency and Tips
Feb 20, 2018 bcrfauser01

A news item from PEI this morning tells us CRA is auditing the employees of a popular restaurant chain for undeclared tips. 200 plus employees have received letters from CRA accusing them of failing to declare the full amount of the tips they received.

>> CRA has been relatively soft on the issue of undeclared tips in recent years, but this crackdown could signal change.

Today might be a good day to remind your employees that tips are no longer untraceable. POS transactions can be audited and the almost 100% of the amount of tips each employee
received in any time period is recorded. The audit process in inconvenient for the restaurant and potentially disastrous for employees. Fines and interest on unpaid taxes can financially ruin a worker.

Remind your employees to:

  • Keep an accurate record of the tips they receive each shift
  • Keep a record of the amount they tip out to the back of house.
  • Set some of their tips aside to pay for taxes
  • Declare the tips they have received when they file their income tax return.

As their employer, you can offer to deduct more income tax from their cheques in order to soften the blow when tax time rolls around.

If the restaurant collects all the tips and pays them out by cheque or cash at regular intervals, CRA requires taxes and other withholdings already be taken off the amount paid out.

If you have any concerns or questions about tips, contact Gillian at the BCRFA 604 505 2374 or gmacgregor@bcrfa.com.
Don’t take chances and counsel your employees not too, either.

Tackling the Labour Shortage – Attract and Retain Valuable Employees
Feb 16, 2018 bcrfauser01

Demand for dining out and restaurants is at an all time high.  Tourism is up and Visa Canada estimates 60% of Canadians now eat out at least once a week.  However, in BC, our population is retiring faster than young people are entering the workforce – so the talent pool is extremely small.

Are you a restaurateur or chef in Victoria? Please join us to hear operator solutions for dealing with the labour shortage.  We have assembled best practices from speaking to operators around the region and innovative solutions for bringing new people into the field.

One successful tactic is build excitement into your menus and to promote your values:  Buy BC: Eat Drink Local is a new promotion that provides opportunity to showcase your business and your chefs and cooks as leaders in industry!  Learn more about how you can be invovled!

Help provide us your feedback.


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