Restaurants Province Wide Encouraged to join BUY BC: Eat Drink Local
Feb 27, 2019 bcrfauser01

Be part of the promotion that showcases why BC Tastes Better!

CONTACT: info@bcrfa.com / 604.669.2239

BUY BC: Eat Drink Local is a Ministry of Agriculture campaign that we are proud to partner with. As we launch year two, this promotion marks an important milestone in the promotion of local food and beverage in BC. It is designed to provide diners around the province with the opportunity to sample regional cuisine and to have uniquely BC culinary experiences.

The main goal of the program is to proudly promote leadership by restaurants and chefs dedicated to highlighting locally grown and produced foods and beverages on their menus.

The program begins annually in May with a province-wide dining event. Participating restaurants to highlight in May a unique menu item, a feature card or a fresh sheets that highlight great BC food and beverage and showcase to diners how #BCTastesBetter.

Year round, Buy BC: Eat Drink Local uses our online and social media channels to share your important stories of local food and beverage and to feature the strong impact that buying local has on our BC economy.

Let us showcase your business and help you stand out as a great place to eat and a great place to work! People want to work and shop at places they share values – talking about your #BCPride is a great way to connect with customers and staff alike. Our team is ready to connect with you about participating in this important program.

Call 604.669.2239 and tell us what region you are in so we can connect you with a point person in your area.

Gung Hay Fat Choy 2019
Feb 05, 2019 bcrfauser01

Today, 5 February 2019, is the first day of Chinese New Year celebrations – the Year of the Pig begins. We wish all our partners Gung Hay Fat Choy.

New Year Celebrations are very much centered around eating and dining out with family. At this time of year, Chinese restaurants around the province are at their busiest, catering to large groups and families wishing to celebrate together.

If you are serving New Year’s meals the next two weeks, we wish you much prosperity and happiness. May your seats be filled every night.

If you are interested in being part of the celebration, consider dining out and trying some of the many dishes eaten for symbolic purposes. Some foods, such as spring rolls and dumplings, are consumed for luck and hopes of a prosperous year ahead. Other dishes, such as rice balls, symbolize family and togetherness.

Metro Vancouver, with our world renowned Chinese Dining scene, is the envy of the country. The BCRFA is proud to celebrate the New Year with our many outstanding chefs and restaurateurs.