BCRFA Tackles British Columbia’s Labour Shortage

Jan 07, 2019 bcrfauser01

If you are facing labour shortage in your business, you are not alone. Other restaurants and other industries are competing for new workers across BC.

Posting jobs but not receiving any applications? This isn’t unusual. Many operators are following the best industry practices and are still not receiving a single résumé from a qualified job candidate. It goes beyond hospitality. Other industries are facing such a grave shortage of skilled labour that they are regularly turning away sales.

This labour shortage doesn’t have a straight forward solution. BC Restaurant and Food Services Association is advocating for a four-pronged approach.

  • Changing Employer Practices  
  • Recruiting Foreign Workers: El Salvador Temporary Foreign Worker Program
  • Taking Business to the Next Level: Inspired Restaurants
  • Industry Training: HAVE Culinary Training Society

The solution that works for your business will depend on your particular situation. Our HR and Labour Shortage teams will be happy to discuss ideas that might work for you. Call our team at 604.669.2239

Check out our Labour Shortage Page.