Mar 28, 2017 bcrfauser01

We are excited to announce a new partnership with BC Ministry of Agriculture to deliver a new promotion for BC food and beverages in restaurants called EAT DRINK LOCAL.

“We received the approval last week, and are enthusiastic about the potential to grow the awareness and sales of fine local flavours prepared and paired by BC chefs,” says Ian Tostenson, BCRFA president and CEO.

The highlight of the campaign will be a one-month dining promotion in restaurants across the province. Efforts to promote local cuisine will be year round with online dining guides, regional spotlights, local food and beverage growing maps and calendars as well as chef, farmer and producer profiles. All styles of restaurants, from cafés to pubs and from casual to fine dining will be eligible to participate.

“Now that we have the approval we are gearing up and putting the details in place that will allow us to move from creating the plan to execution and logistics”, says project manager Samantha Scholefield. “We are asking interested restaurants and food service outlets to join our EAT DRINK LOCAL mailing list so we can update them as the details are confirmed.”

For restaurants, the key ways to participate will be:

  • Participating in the fall EAT DRINK LOCAL dining promotion by submitting your application and your BC fresh local food fresh sheet. Beverage pairings with BC wine, beer, cider and spirits will be encouraged.
  • Submitting your chef profile for inclusion on our section on culinary leaders.
  • Submitting your promotions (weekly or monthly) that relate to local food and beverage in your business.
  • Attending business sessions on increasing local on your menu and building your sales.

As a farmer, producer or processor of BC Food & Beverage, we encourage you to submit a profile of your business for inclusion on our website including:

  • Your region of BC
  • Your local products
  • Profiles of the people behind your operation (the leaders behind what you do)

As a wholesaler or local food and beverage specialty supplier, we want you involved as well. Help us help restaurants access more restaurants serving a broader range of BC food and beverage products.

“Being a contributor to the success and growth of BC’s agrifood and seafood sector is something that restaurateurs can be proud of, we’re couldn’t be prouder of this project” says Tostenson. “Working with restaurateurs creates an exciting platform for innovation with local products and will get residents and visitors alike engaged with local food and drink.”

Come back here for details on this opportunity to drive business for British Columbia restaurants of all kinds.