Glance Pay for Restaurants and Bars

Mar 12, 2019 bcrfauser01

Save time, boost revenue & enhance customer experience — An EXCLUSIVE OFFER from Glance Pay for BCRFA members

Getting paid is how you support all the things that make your restaurant great: the flavours, the creativity, the service … the experience.

Time spent splitting bills & carrying the card machine from table to table is time not spent on your real priorities.

Accelerate table turnover by 8-10 minutes on average, grow retention with built-in smart loyalty rewards & boost revenue by 5% or more — Glance Pay mobile payments deliver real results.

  • Real-Time Bill lets guests can view their bill in-app & pay it on-demand
  • Order from Table gives guests a direct link to your POS so ordering more is easy
  • Pre-order helps diners avoid lineups by letting them order before walking in the door
  • Seamless POS integration between Glance Pay & 15 leading POS systems

BCRFA members can enjoy a free, 3-month trial of Glance Pay

For a limited time only, experience the Glance Pay advantage first-hand with no commitments, no merchant fees & no cancellation penalties!


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