Leadership = Success

Dec 04, 2018 bcrfauser01

As we look to the close of the year, and we are hoping to close the year on a high note with holiday parties, full reservations books and large guest cheques, we also start thinking about the year in review and the chance to start planning for changes in the New Year. It is the busy times when good management matters the most. Are your managers and team leads prepared for the onslaught? Will they represent the best of your company?

This year, let your year end goal be about creating a successful workplace with strong employee relationships and great customer service. Prepared and trained managers are the best embodiment of your company.

Start with leadership training or business coaching.

One executive chef we spoke to during our labour shortage research told us that he stayed 5 years in a company because he truly enjoyed and benefited from the connection with his business coach. He had the training to be a chef and to prepare great meals – but he didn’t have a handle on the connections, processes and procedures to be a business leader and a manager of a large staff team. Early in his time with the restaurant, his owner connected him with a business coach – who could be called upon to provide guidance and leadership ideas. It was just what the chef needed to grow his own management style. That connection brought him personal and professional growth and helped him transition from trained chef to an amazing executive chef.  This model can simply be a mentoring relationship – the coach can be paid or unpaid – but it can be game changing for retention and development. Think about how you can include mentorship in your senior management compensation.

Explore and recognize formal training.

If you see the value in traditional, consider supporting formal education and training courses. Colleges and night schools have programs available – and the cost to employer and employee can far outweigh the benefits. As an employer you can support workers earning formal certifications three ways: paying for classes, providing time off for professional development OR by creating direct correlation between career advancement and educational achievements. People who see connections between education and promotions or raises in your company are value their positions more.

We will continue to suggest ways to build success through better leadership as we end 2018 and as we go into 2019. If you need ideas, reach out.

Gillian MacGregor, human resources advisor, and Ian Tostenson, president and CEO, are available to answer questions and provide advice: 604.669.1239.

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