Operators across our province are facing significant labour shortages.


In 2017 and 2018, our team has reached out to our members to understand the complex nature of the extensive labour shortage challenges our industry is facing. Our research confirmed that, despite the complexity of the problem, the single most influential factor determining our shortage is demographic shift.

>> Simply put, there are not enough young people to fill the positions being left vacant by retirements across the entire provincial workforce. If you are facing labour shortage in your business, you are not alone. Other restaurants and other industries are competing for new workers across BC.

Posting jobs but not receiving any applications? This isn’t unusual. Many operators are following the best industry practices and are still not receiving a single résumé from a qualified job candidate. It goes beyond hospitality. Other industries are facing such a grave shortage of skilled labour that they are regularly turning away sales.


This labour shortage doesn’t have a straight forward solution. BC Restaurant and Food Services Association is advocating for a four-pronged approach.

Changing Employer Practices
Best Practices for Attracting and Keeping Staff Presentations
We can come speak to your management group, HR team or provide one on one consultation. Presentations include 10 or more suggestions that cost little to implement but improve your odds of retaining great people. Call 604.669.2239 and speak to Samantha or Ian about having us come and speak to your group.

Express Entry Dual Intent Program (EE)
This program allows BC restaurants to fill job roles which require experienced individuals.  As per the immigration regulations for the Dual Intent Program, all foreign workers must have culinary diploma or hospitality management education in their field of work and at least 4 to 5 years specific experience in the job role they are applying for in Canada.  In addition, the foreign worker is required to demonstrate English language proficiency by undergoing the IELTS exam. Contact Brij Rathi for more information about this program: Brijrathi.com

Industry Training: HAVE Culinary Training Society
HAVE is a training program that focuses on helping marginalized people on the Downtown Eastside get work ready kitchen skills. New students are being accepted every week and graduates are placed in businesses suited to helping them transition to and thrive in the workplace. Amber Anderson, CCC, and Adriane King are fabulous ambassadors who are helping at risk individuals gain training and work placements in hospitality kitchens. Find out more and consider bringing in one of the program graduates: Have-cafe.ca/

The solution that works for your business will depend on your particular situation. Our HR and Labour Shortage teams will be happy to discuss ideas that might work for you. Call our team at 604.669.2239