New Years Resolution

Jan 02, 2019 bcrfauser01

This is the time of year when individuals consider making personal New Year resolution, as a business owner we encourage you to make resolutions that will drive your restaurant to more success and to make your employees happier!


January is ideal to take care of your human resource management resolutions and to start the New Year with intention.


Here is a list of important things you can take on to improve your business outcomes for 2019. Some of them seem so simple and obvious that they’re often overlooked.


1.     Create a contact list for your employees. You’d be surprised how many people move and change phone numbers and forget to tell their boss. Today is a good day to ask all your employees to update their phone number and email address.

2.     Create or update your employee manual. This is simply a book that tells employees the rules of your workplace and the values you promote. Surveys suggest an employer with a manual retains workers at a higher rate than employers who don’t. People like to know the rules. If you need help creating a manual, contact the BCRFA and we will send you a template and help you personalize it.

3.    Recognize your employees for their contributions to your success. Workers who feel appreciated are happier and more likely to stay with you. A simple “thanks” is good. A thank you card is better. A little token of your appreciation is even better.

4.    Solidify your training program. If your dishwasher wants to move up the ranks, what system do you have in place to create this opportunity? There are a lot of free and low cost opportunities for training your staff. Contact the BCRFA for information about training opportunities. If you’re afraid this will take your employees away, many training opportunities are available on line!

5.     Schedule your people predictively. Employees who know their schedule well in advance are likely to be happier and stay with you. Predictive scheduling has become the law in many states and provinces, so any BC employer who starts posting schedules up to 3 weeks in advance is well ahead of the game. Employees will love you for it.

6.    Offer the best benefits you can and review what you offer annually. If you can offer medical and dental benefits, do. To do a business review of possibilities, contact the BCRFA. We have negotiated a great benefit plan for small restaurants.

7.     Get personal. Learn one new thing about each of your staff in January. Learn a partners’ name, find out about their children, cats and dogs. Those little details are important to your staff. If you have no idea what their hopes, dreams and interests, take a moment to find out. Make a resolution to spend a few minutes a day getting to really know the people who work for you. Connection builds loyalty.


We hope you will start the New Year with achievable goals to build your team and your business.